Patient Reviewer 1

Thomas, age 42

I came to New Jersey Institute of Neurofeedback about 8 months ago. My inability to focus, anxiousness, and nail biting, fidgeting, and inability to finish tasks were becoming unmanageable.

Within a few weeks I was noticing that I was able to focus and complete tasks. When speaking with others, I was able to focus on them and what they were saying which resulted in improving my inner personal relationships. One day at work a colleague had mentioned that I did not fidget at much as I used too, bit my nails or touch my face. I was happy to have others noticing the changes going on.


Luci, age 48

I love this place! After seeing a neurologist for years and trying many, many different options to try and tame my chronic migraines, I had almost given up hope. Then a friend told me about Neurofeedback. After a month my migraines were noticeably less intense and shorter. After a few more treatments, the 1-3 day period of fogginess I always had after a migraine has all but disappeared. I finally have hope for a migraine free life! As a bonus, the office staff are all friendly and professional and appointments run on time.

Patient Reviewer 2

Jatin, age 21

3 years ago I thought I messed up my life by not taking care of my body, by abusing drugs and alcohol. From there, I developed a ton of symptoms of which I still do not know the cause for. These symptoms were so bad to the point that I became unhappy, had to give up working out, and to be honest took the smile off my face. Over the years after that, I went to 6 different general physicians, a cardiologist, and a neurologist. Not one could figure out what was wrong with me, nor could provide a solution to my painful problems. In fact many told me that I was completely normal. From that point I lost hope for a year, but then my friend told me about this place, and knew I had to give it a try. I had a lot of doubts in my head up until the first session and 5-6 sessions after that, but now I have had 18 sessions, and can say that I have drastically improved. Not only that, but they have given me hope for successful health and changed my beliefs on what I can accomplish with my health. I would definitely recommend this to as many people as I can, even for those without clinical health issues, it seems to be a very natural therapy for general health improvement.

Nadya, with son age 16

Michael…immediately showed results. These were noticed by my son’s school’s teachers. As far as I remember, the first email from the school recognizing a difference in his behavior, came out just 2 weeks after he started the treatment. After 6 months…the school reached out to us and asked if they can re-evaluate him. The re-evaluation…showed no signs of autistic spectrum! The school conducted a transition meeting and removed Michael from all special education. 

The teachers, some of whom taught Michael for 2 years, described dramatic changes:

·from being self centered to mentoring other kids

·from being always tired to being focused and energetic

·from being anxious and depressed to being confident

·from having trouble reading social cues to working well in groups.

During these 6 years, raising a child labeled with autism has reshaped our family. Nothing was that effective as neurofeedback treatment. It is a huge joy to see how confidence is returning to our son:  He is currently 16 and he just came from Costa Rica where he was on his first summer immersion program alone. We are extremely happy with the treatment results.

  • I absolutely love this office, not only is the brain training working to help decrease my anxiety but walking into The New Jersey Institute for Neurofeedback is such a calming experience. Dan and Melissa are great to work with and explain the process with great detail. When you come to this office you feel like you are home. The Director Judy will make you feel comfortable and is very easy to talk to. I highly recommend them with confidence.
    — Jennifer, age 30, Spotswood
  • Highly recommend! I started Neurofeedback almost three months ago, and since then I've experienced improvements in my attention, sleep and energy levels. I also feel less stressed and my overall mood is much better. My brain feels so much more resilient.  It has improved my life, and I'm really happy I decided to give it a try. 
    — Juliana, age 28, Edison
  • I have been taking my son and daughter for a while now and have seen amazing improvements. Thank you so much to Judy and Dr. Wayne. They have great staff and have done great work with both my kids. My daughter's ADHD practically gone, has no anxiety and is able to focus without any issues. My son is a lot more focused and deals with his issues a lot better. I'm so happy that my children has the opportunity to do Neurofeedback
    — Jasmine, with children ages 12 and 10, Linden
  • I have seen much improvement with my 10 year old son. His anxiety had improved tremendously after the first 3 visits. I am very pleased with his progress. The therapist, staff and doctors are lovely people, friendly caring always so helpful.
    — Michele, with son age 10, North Brunswick
  • If you are thinking about getting Neurofeedback this is the place I would recommend. The kind and friendly staff make you feel right at home. Neurofeedback has worked great from me. My attention and energy level has improved, and my sleep has never been better.
    — Tirus, age 28, Edison
  • They have helped my 9 year old son tremendously. He is better able focus, get up in the morning, and find his way from Point A to Point B with minimal interruptions. I"m excited for his more focused future.
    — Jeremy, with son age 9, Monroe
  • I have been going to New Jersey Institute for Neurofeedback in Lawrenceville for about 3 months now for anxiety, panic, and OCD. In the three months I have been attending sessions I have found a noticeable decrease in my mood disorders along with the ability to manage them when they do arise...Of all of the techniques I have tried for managing my mood disorders, this one was probably the most effective and relaxing. The office itself is clean and inviting and wait time is pretty minimal in my experience. I highly recommend NJ Institute for Neurofeedback for anyone looking to improve their mood and/or concentration.
    — Andrea, age 26, Trenton
  • ...Personally, I'm very happy with the progress I'm making here! Ten years of migraines have been halted. Making great progress with focus, energy, and anxiety too, which have been problems for many years. (It feels so weird to wake up and actually feel alert right away!) Everyone on staff is extremely down to earth, helpful, and easy to talk with... 
    — Jessica, age 34, Hazlet
  • When my 15 year old son began treatment at The NJ Institute for Neurofeedback he was experiencing anxiety, depression and had a difficult time focusing in school as well as on the soccer field. Our experience with The NJ Institute for Neurofeedback has only been a positive one. It's truly amazing to see the change in him just after a few months. He is now able to focus on school, sports and anything that made him anxious in the past. The entire staff has been incredible, they are friendly, warm and supportive and for that I am truly grateful.
    — MJ, with son age 15, Old Bridge
  • My 19 year old daughter benefitted significantly from neurofeedback for her depression and anxiety. Judy, Dan, Loretta and Melissa are passionate about their work and were very supportive and approachable. I would highly recommend this practice. 
    — Amy, with daughter age 19, Yardley, PA
  • My family and I are very pleased with the services offered at the NJ Institute for Neurofeedback. The entire staff showed great dedication, knowledge and support. Most importantly my son loved going, loved the staff and really showed great improvement with his ADHD symptoms. Through neurofeedback I finally got to see my 7 year old for who he is and not just for his obsessive thoughts, melt downs or negative ways of thinking...Neurofeedback is a commitment, but one that has proven to be worth the time and effort. 
    — April, with son age 7, Staten Island, NY
  • The office staff is wonderful. My 11 year old has been going to the office for neurofeedback. He recently completed his 40 sessions and has gotten so much better. We will most definitely return and recommend anyone that is in need of a “fine tune up” to NJ Institute of Neurofeedback. 
    — Carla, with son age 11, New Brunswick, NJ
  • My sixteen year old daughter had been suffering from performance anxiety specifically in Math, although she has what I call the ‘worry wart gene’ she inherited from her father’s side of the family...I stumbled onto to The NJ Institute for Neurofeedback [and] I couldn’t be happier with the result. My daughter is much calmer, able to sleep better, and has less performance anxiety...treatment has a beginning, an end, and no harmful side effects. It’s been an investment in my daughter’s health and well being. And it’s been worth every penny.
    — Suzan, with daughter age 16, PA
  • Not only is my anxiety gone but I'm able to handle my depression better too! Excellent service, congenial staff, flexible schedules, the NJ Institute for Neurofeedback makes everything easier! And it works!
    — Miles, age 17
  • NJ Neurofeedback really helped my son. The entire experience has been inviting, methodical and transparent for our entire family. My son's personal experiences are always simple and pleasant. The group here are all knowledgeable and caring, and they maintain a calming, warm waiting area with quiet treatment rooms... Appointment scheduling, reminders and rescheduling are always hassle free. If you are seeking Neurofeedback treatment, NJ Neurofeedback is the place to go for it.
    — Rich, with son age 9, Staten Island
  • My teenager son who is diagnosed with spectrum, had a lot of anxiety as well. After the first 3 weeks of getting neurofeedback his school teachers noticed that he became happier and more focused. After 4 months of neurofeedback, the school said that he is a different person, totally unrecognizable. This is way beyond our expectations! We are very pleased to see such great results. Our son has more energetic vs. always tired and sleepy before treatment, focused vs. previously foggy, calm and deciding and not impulsive. I highly recommend this facility - Judy is very knowledgeable and passionate about her clients.
    — Nadya, with son age 16, Princeton, NJ
  • My son suffered from anxiety and we tried numerous types of therapy. Nothing helped until we found Neurofeedback. The staff and Judy were always available to answer questions and were very flexible with scheduling
    — Mary, with son age 17, Marlboro

*Names may be changed to protect confidentiality


The literature, which lacks any negative study of substance, suggests that EEG biofeedback therapy should play a major therapeutic role in many difficult areas. In my opinion, if any medication had demonstrated such a wide spectrum of efficacy, it would be universally accepted and widely used.
— Frank Duffy, MD, Neurologist, Harvard Medical School
Neurofeedback treatment could improve depressive symptoms significantly. In addition, anxiety symptoms and clinical illness severity decreased significantly after neurofeedback treatment.
— Cheon , Choi, and Koo, 2016

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