What happens during a Neurofeedback session?

During your training session, you will sit in one of our comfortable reclining chairs and watch a movie or show, or listen to music of your choosing. While you sit back, relax, and enjoy, our programs that work in conjunction with the media teach your brain to regulate itself. 

How long does a session last?

Sessions last between 25 and 30 minutes.

How often do I need to come for Neurofeedback training?

We recommend coming at least two times a week in order to receive benefit from trainings. Any less frequently could result in slower/less dramatic change overtime. However, coming in more than twice a week, if possible, is encouraged. You can come every day if you wish!

How long do the benefits of Neurofeedback last?

Neurofeedback trains the brain to better regulate itself, and in doing so, can achieve long lasting, positive change for your symptoms. Neurofeedback works at the source, rewiring the brain and can maintain improvements after your sessions have concluded.

Besides the listed conditions, what else might Neurofeedback help?

Neurofeedback can be tremendous in helping the brain re-regulate, and so training can help with any conditions that might be caused by brain waves being too underpowered or overpowered. Our practice could help clients with:

  • Addiction and Substance Abuse 
  • Memory Issues
  • Cognitive Decline
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Chronic Pain
  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Are there any side effects involved with Neurofeedback training?

Neurofeedback is such a viable and attractive option because of how few side effects have been involved through training compared to other options to help you. However, some clients have reported being tired after a session. This makes sense, as the brain is working hard to achieve long lasting change. These clients typically bounce back within a few hours following the session.

Do I keep taking my medication while Neurofeedback training?

No changes should be made to what medication you are taking or how much you are taking without consulting the prescribing physician beforehand. Do not make any changes to your medication regimen without first consulting your doctor.

How much does Neurofeedback training cost at your center?

We offer a new patient special that includes your mapping, a consultation with our director, and your first training all for $150 dollars. At that point, we determine plan for treatment and treatment costs.

Is Neurofeedback training covered by insurance at your center?

We are out of network. If you have out of network benefits, we typically find good to great coverage on the insurance company’s end. As a complimentary service, we can verify your insurance for you. Call our office at 732-543-0999 to learn more.